sadie girigorie

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a touching interface


A touching interface is a printer developed from the urgent need to decolonise art and design spaces. Having an interest in publishing, I aim to develop tools which facilitate community-driven sharing. For that I set out to understand the politics of the objects we use every day and reimagine them from a decolonial and anticapitalist perspective. Taking Audre Lorde’s ideas about the erotic and Franco Berardi’s view on affect, I’ve developed a printer which embraces affect and slow processes as a subversive gesture. Through this theoretical lens I find that capitalism has led to the miniaturisation of our appliances, making them sleek and impenetrable. The designing of interfaces, the planes where we interact with computers, aims to remove excess, hence removing affect, the body and our deepest emotions. To counteract this process I built a printer which prints poetry, the language of affect, and which is activated by touching the embroidery it is adorned with. Dismantling white supremacy requires awareness of the politics of the objects we use every single day and making cracks in the structures that do not serve us. This tool is a step towards that goal by combining the unlikely pair of excess and technology.